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Among us, Satan! (Poetic Prose, Part one and two)

Among us, Satan!
(Poetic Prose) Part I of II

As told by Ur’el the Archangel

Of ancient times, all the sons of God were present and Satan also, a part of the eternal mind. He came from time to time, to watch and see, to mock and be, among the light of heaven. He had chosen his eternal path, with the mortal dust on earth. He knew there was no darkness in the universe could hide him from the eyes of God; from whence he came from. Even the secrets of his mind, he could not hide “What moment was mine?” he said and so he separated his mind, whirled it away hid it in the stream of change. There to empty it.

In the interim, He was bragging, feeling he had more knowledge of man than God, and God not admitting it. Satan told God, face to face, near, should to shoulder, “You are disconnected with man, and you created him.”

Among men there was no question of the existence of God, or Satan, only the reason God allowed an evolution to take place of man’s notion of God allowing Satan to plant innumerable gods on earth in his place. In of whom certain characteristics of Satan himself were similar, and the abstract gods concrete and complete, in variations, traversed the earth. Perhaps God knew the animal in man, wanted to become a god. And Satan fashioned his means, to meet his end.

And so it happens that Satan set up his own little stage being less concerned with God’s. And Satan said:” If I am Evil and as you see, the people are on equal, not opposite ways with me on earth, why do you or your angels go forth and put no stop to this?”

God looked at Satan, said “You never did understand, who seeks to establish the truth of something has already assumed by translating the dramatic action of his fellow followers, fulfils his own fascination, it is the logic of appearances, as opposed to the logic of true forms. We are characters to man; on the other hand, you are a tragedy to many and so revealed in your retributive fate. You are in, what I created a natural process of law, indifferent to those who oppose it. You are the spectacle of suffering as the effect of evil. And you think you are in the mind of God, and you are not. I can know things, and not know them. Knowledge is knowing of, and not knowing of. Is it possible for me to doubt? (Satan couldn’t answer that) How can man be made perfect, without knowing evil? Man judges himself, as he oppresses himself. If I reduce you to insignificance, it detracts from the design of things. You are here Satan, but you are not here. If you were to be remoulded you would be naught, you would be doubtfully useful, and you are who you are. If you have any reality at all, it is to your own world, and since that is a world that resists Good, you will be left with your kind where its nature is unaffected by its duration. The time will pass from one point to another, without taking time, this is your end. Your greatest act is in traversing the lesser acts of mankind to carry them along with you—co-ordinating your Army to help. You have one act—evil, and you do it with a wanton delight, glorifying its own activity. You see man as mere matter, forms. I see them as for the perfect form, the divine form, within time without end, which I seek to extend throughout space. In the long run, you are only the surface, determined already by your acts. The inflicted by you maybe of a great mass, but they can be purified, you cannot.”

“So much you know,” said Satan to God, “you dare not make me your equal!”

“You seek something that can never be; you stood outside of time, before I created time, because I created you so. Not like man. You stand in front of me double-faced, and try to make me believe you have forgotten your choice, the act you took to change and be divisible. And offer to man, your act, all that you are, you are only a moment of friction! No more. An impact on a material world; this strange reverence men pay to you for a moment of fascination is out of fear and to duplicate it, to learn the evil in life, and use it, against the weak and helpless things. Earth is your throne, when evil comes, where you can divide and separate it at will. Judge it to be as you wish. But what it is like, is you, a fluctuating tide, that comes in for a short period of time, and gathers up its lusts, and goes with age out to the sea to die.”

Satan’s Ghosts
Part II of II

(Ur’al’s Immortal Youth)

It was of ancient times, when Satan and God stood face to face, and near, shoulder to shoulder, and I stood far back, by the Golden Gates of Heaven, and its silver plated pathway, when I overheard this conversation. I Ur’el of immortal youth; It was a time when men understood the tongues of animals, and could speak to them on earth. It is all but forgotten now, and put into tales. It was a time when the earth was covered with shades, and trenches were dug to make sacrifices of bulls to drain their blood in those wide trenches, to drink their blood to the demigods, Satan’s horde, to the Henchmen of Hell, and all, to gain immortal youth. A strange time indeed, and there were many who lived among the ghosts of earth, said they were, for they could not be touched, and when the wind came, they were blurred faces to the living. They were vapour drifting over desolate marshes. There was more than one death back in those far-off days, and this ghostly death, left them blind with grief, to live and be dead among the living, and to watch the living, live in the dead, the ghosts of Satan’s handiwork, not for all but for some; for there were others who chose this end, for a time being, and those who had no choice.

4-16-2009 (No: 2593)

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E- Book Mall Best Sellers List (ebookmall)

E- Book Mall Best Sellers List (ebookmall)

Of their top Horror best Sellers, 100-list, Mr. Siluk’s “Tiamat, Mother of Demon,” was number 52, on: 4-16-2009. Steven King’s: “The Girl Who Loved Tom,” 65; “From a Buick 8” 66. “Frankenstein,” 67.

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The Yellow Planet (An out of sequence, 'Cadaverous Planet' sketch)

The Yellow Planet (An out of sequence, ‘Cadaverous Planet’ Sketch)

The trip was nasty, packed like bananas in a cargo bin, hurtling though space like an asteroid. Siren, and her two comrades, Tangor and Rognat, were with her, and they were for once not in the Black Galaxy, rather next door to earth’s solar system. Which consisted of the planet Moiromma, which her mother was born on, and Ice Cap, its moon, and Cibara was nearby and the comet Sedna as large as earth’s moon, and the unexplored planet called the Yellow Planet, which was on the same rotation as Cibara, in which it crept through the asteroid belt into earth’s solar system, and past Jupiter, so fast it was never seen as a planet, but rather as an asteroid or comet, but it was a planet, about half the size of earth’s moon.

“We have landed on the Yellow Planet, my feet just touched solid ground,” said Tangor, for the records, the commander of this flight being Rognat, his long time friend, and Siren, known as the liberator of the planet of SSARG, in the Black Galaxy (or often referred to as the Dark Galaxy).
It had all the amenities Earth and SSARG hand, as far as life support goes, such as: air and green growth, and a brilliant blue skies, and a laborious sun and it speed seemed to some kind of another force radioactive. It was a particular destination, one they didn’t really plan on making because rumors were, it was a god-forsaken planet, and for the record, yet it was in their path way, between Jupiter and Moiromma, and unexplored by anyone.

The air was moist as us two men, myself Tangor, and partner Rognat, walked out of the spacecraft, the atmospheric pressure, density was shown to be fine, it simply had a little too much oxygen on hand, and too much moist air, and the temperatures were above 90F.
When we had landed, Siren stayed behind, looking through the glass observer, a kind of porthole, a kind of peril-glass, it showed how high the radiation level, the suns emission discharge of energy onto the planet was, and what within its view might be harmful to our bodies, or infected by its substances within the environment. Rognat and I were excited to explore, and take the risk, Siren, as always, was thinking, planning and digesting everything insight.
It was a yellow nightmare, all the vegetation was yellow, and the atmospheric moister that fell was yellow condensed, not much green in the living plant life, but some. A lush tropical yellow forest, with tints of green; swamp-like growth raised all about, and the mud was even yellowish-brown, fertile yellow:
“Let’s go,” said Tangor, yelling and waving at Siren, but she remained on ship, and the two tall bull-like men, weather-beaten from the trip moved forward. They never questioned Siren, she was not one to do that to, they simply left well enough alone, if something was too dangerous, she’d let them know.

And so the two hunters, warriors, space travelers started their interspatial exploration of the planet, without Siren. He already had his coat of arms in the form of a flag, in the ground, and used as a marker of sorts. The ground under them got softer, the farther into the woods they went, oozed with yellow mud as they stepped further into forest’s swirling mist, hardly seeing what was ahead, flagpole now behind in the mud, he did say, for the record, “I claim this body of land in the name of Siren the Great!”
Tangor and his partner were famous throughout parts of the Black Galaxy and earth’s solar system, and Moiromma’s solar system, but Siren was feared everywhere, and so it was best to implant the fear sooner than later, and those who wished to challenge her right later let it be so.
The slimy ooze of mud crept up like a living force, as they sank down the further they stepped into the woods.
“Curse this mud,” said Rognat, “this planet is for the birds and who knows what else could survive here.”
“What is it,” asked Tangor, Rognat was kicking something, some kind of slimy creature out of his way.
“Looks similar to those vipers on planet SSARG, you know, the ones that live in the tall grasses, and are everywhere, the one Siren fought with, that Blaze, giant viper, but this one was just an eighth of the size we encountered there. Meaning this viper, a one tooth viper a great saber tooth viper, was perhaps only four or five feet, and about the circumference of his waste, which was about forty-two inches round, he was not fat, he was almost seven feet tall, and two hundred and sixty pounds. Tangor and Rognat were about the same age, the same built, except Tangor was more the warrior, the savage, the man with the spear, long hair, bloodshot eyes, silver bands around his upper arms, and Rognat was more the space adventurous person the more princely looking combatant, with a mustache and goatee (a small dark trimmed beard that went to appoint), eyes like a vipers, and he often wore a green flat had covering the top of his head, and long hair, brought back around his ears (where as Tangor’s hair was long but straggly). The ship belonged to Rognat; it was his ship they were on. And for those who know the history of these three characters, Siren gave birth to Rognat’s daughter, but that is another story, for another time.

Tangor (The warrior) & Rognat (Space Traveler)

“Here’s a dry spot,” said Tangor, suggesting they might stop for a moment and gather their thoughts, “I don’t like the looks of things, maybe it is good Siren remained behind, incase we get into a jam!”
And then Tangor gave Rognat a look to go forward, peering over to his sides apprehensively.
“Thought I saw something big move up ahead of us!” remarked Tangor.
The two followed the glance; they couldn’t find a thing once they got to where he spotted the movement.
“Perhaps I’m mistaken, but let’s keep an eye out,” Tangor said.
Rognat grinned, and followed by suggestion and Tangor’s lead.
“I think Tangor,” said Rognat irritated, “this mud, at least the yellow part of it is alive, if undulated it might form something like tentacles, because it keeps pulling at me, or the intent that tentacles do, or can do. Now that I think of it, when the snake had that yellow substance on it, with the mud it had energy, when I kicked my feet, and the mud came off, and the snake’s yellow mud rolled off because of the moisture, it left, it lost its energy source, its get-up-and-go spring.”
Then Tangor wiped the mud off his boots, and stopped, to rest, and took some leafage and wiped his gloves with them, and the leaves with the branches of the tree they came off of, started to grab him as if it was living, a living force had entered it, an entity; plus Rognat went to rescue him, but he had a lot of yellow mud on his hands, and when he pulled the branches and vines away from Tangor, it just replenished the energy within the tree with the yellow mud Rognat put back onto it, they were both fighting to free themselves now.
The harder they fought, the more mud they kicked up, the thicker the branches become until they turned into claws like on a wild cat, pressed close to heir bodies, monstrosity flooded their cerebellums with the substance within the mud, the yellow death, and they both screamed for Siren.

“Help! Help!...” Tangor shouted for the umpteenth time, then lost his energy, as did Rognat; they were several miles into the forest of death now.
They both became dizzy, their ankles tight with the tentacles of the trees, and the snakes now kicked their bodies about trying to feed the tree more of the yellow mud-substance, to keep its strength thriving, so it could kill the two invaders, and now both Tangor and Rognat, were next to fainting, from the heat, exhaustion, the lack of water, and the horror they found themselves in, the nausea from the mud and snakes alone was too much to bear, and now the creatures were trying to bite them them, and their faces become distorted from the infection that was entering their bodies, but the creatures only had one tooth, like a needle, they plunged it into the legs of both invaders, a saber tooth, long and thin, but it only sunk into the flesh an inch or so, the boots wee thick.
“What are you doing to my leg?” said Rognat, the snake was trying to rip his boots off, because only the end part of their tooth was harmful, pricking the skin, was not killing them, and they wanted to infect it deeper.
The thing must had broken its tooth off, the one main snake that would not leave the two astronauts, it indicted it was hurt from the driving force it used on Rognat; he, Rognat could see the inside of its mouth, deep in the fatty tissue, it was bleeding, discoloration appeared, and it turned about and died. Thus the loss of the saber tooth of the viper was a death sentence.
Tangor shook his head, “Put some antiseptic on it when we get back,” and they both laughed, as if they had lost their senses, but not their sense of humor.
Rognat was not the beast Tangor was, and Tangor was not the thinker Rognat was, yet Tangor knew it and told Rognat, “Be strong, we’ll get out of here yet, Siren knows we’re in some kind of trouble, we’ve been gone a long time, she’ll come, I’m sure she’ll come, we’re not going to die this way, not on this loathsome planet.”
For the first time Tangor noticed Rognat was really scared, he even heaved from his mouth, although he did not say a word.

That was hours ago, of course, he is resting now, as I write this for the records, he, being my companion Rognat is still not awake yet, he’s in the ships hospital bed. The three of us will leave the planet in a few hours: what had happened was this: something in the yellow mud, the chemicals of some kind had gotten into our blood stream, killing us slowly, as the trees and the snakes and this whole deadly planet started killing us slowly, Siren sensed something fomenting in the atmosphere, something that changed the compound of the mud, making it yellow, and infectious, some chemically which by way of the mud got into our blood-stream, and is in almost everything on this planet to a certain degree, and when this mud touches whatever it touches, it creates chemical reactions with the system it touches, be it mud, or foliage, or animal or human, or alien, and that put us in to harms way, frightened Rognat into a childlike behavior, psychologically, I blustered into fatigue myself, and Siren having witnessed the grotesque horror after making her body an antidote to the planet’s madness came searching for us, I suppose she was for a while one third-human, one third-Moiromma, and one third Yellow-planet, her system that is, and she smashed through the dead and pouring awful yellowish mingled cells of the veins, and mud and rescued us like a storm trooper, like I told Rognat she would.
I see Siren now, she’s grinning at me as I write this down into the annuals of our adventurers into space, to be read by humans and all those other alien forces out there, another day, she just whispered, “Lie a little…!”

Note: of the many sketches and short novelettes, and stores this author has done pertaining to the Cadaverous Planets, this story here was not meant to be part of the sequence, that was written over the past five years, although it is in relation to the characters of that series, and of the solar system the author has used, being that near his infamous planet Moiromma. 8-6-2008

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The Devil’s Ominous Haiku’s

The Devil’s Ominous Haiku’s
(Taken from his parlor and sent directly to you)

Peril on the Wind

Alas! ‘What cry was that?’
Peril on the wind!
Death from infinity…!

#1665 2-2-2007

Ringing from Hell

I sink, ‘Thou seized me!’
I hear, “Ringing, ringing!”
I see, the bells of Hell:”

#1666 2-3-2007

Devil’s Road

I see, only Iris’
I hear, only echoes
The road is so desolate!

#1667 2-2-2007

Beautiful Devil

The heart with a flame
Can melt the heart of ice and snow
Ah! Beautiful devil.


Noontime in Hell

Half priest, half Mantic ore
Hell weeps and smiles
‘Tis, ‘Day of he Beast;

“What is past the mountains?”
“Be patient, imp…” (a voice says)


Hell’s Mantic ore (s)

“Where is my father’s home?”
“A quarter mile, from here, —
Come, if you are hungry…

We shall eat him, whole and soul:
Watch how things are done, down here”


Comments: If I ask myself the question “Is there really such a creature, or being as the devil?” and if I say “no,” then I end up in a debate with myself over: was evolution involved in the process of creation? And is the doctrine of the trinity implied in the Genesis account of creation (being a Christian)? and were there folks before Adam and Eve? and was there such a thing as the Great Flood? and are the “sons of God” in Genesis 6, angelic beings? and on and on I go. I think for me it is better to believe, there is a devil, it seems to flow better.

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The Underworld of Planet SSARG [Part IV]

The Underworld of
Planet SSARG

[Series: IV]

By Dennis L. Siluk

Chapter One
The Shadowlands
Flying tick-vampires [Ftv’s],

The Shadowlands is a boarder land between the plateau of the physical planet, and once into this dark abode, that covers 20% of the planet, it has been said, are the living dead; that is to say, it is a land not fully understood, but it is where, if you dare to enter, where once into it, you never leave; where lost and ancient civilizations of the planet went do once, died out and now, linger on; where hideous winds and shadows reside, and carry the souls of those who live there about.
Of all the planets in the Universe, SSARG is a most mysterious one, yet Siren and Tangor had visited it before, Siren had lived on it a number of years previously, in her youth, was known as the Queen; even her daughter, had visited planet SSARG and Rognat, another close friend of both Siren and her daughter. So the planet was not knew to Siren. She had fought with all the creatures on the planet at one time or another. What was once thought as legend, had become real, and that is why Siren had to return, the vipers were summoning her, by whatever means it was, she was under stress to return, hearing the hissing of 50,000-vipers calling her name, her sixth sense was over working. And by way of death and resurrection, she did will herself to the planet, as she had done in other occasions.
But the legend went something like this: eons ago, when there were a number of species perhaps, trying to fill the planet, there were these insects called Flying tick-vampires [Ftv’s], mistaken often times for large bull-mosquitoes. They existed, and lived in harmony with whatever creatures were on the planet, it was said, rather than share the planet, they wanted to conquer it, and killed every living thing that was on it, until some power, more powerful than them, imprisoned them in the Shadowlands. There they could do no harm, yet they were physical, and the dead were ghostly. No one yet, has the full story of this poisonous legend, but it had come true now, for the living specious on the planet, and somehow, someway. As Siren thought about the legend, she figured a few were never brought to do penitence in the Shadowlands evidently, and hid out, and breed—perhaps underground, in the underworld, in a large nest: that would make sense, since no one had seen them in thousands of years. Making no big noise, or bothering anyone, until now, feeling it was their moment to retake the planet, and at this juncture, 25% of all living creatures, to include: Manticore’s, and Cliff Bears, and Space Fish, and the humanoids who live in the west in the cliffs likewise, they all, everyone of them, to include the rats and vipers had lost a quarter of their populations to these deadly tick-vampires.
Not one could fight them; all the lands of the planet were infested with this plague. It was no longer superstition, but reality, a renewed living legend, and extermination to be.

Chapter Two
No Horizon

Invulnerable to the insects, was Siren the Great, who had decades earlier become a living legend in her own time on SSARG. The head Viper, Blaze II, met Siren, as she appeared in the Grasslands, and was greeted by the many homo-vipers that remembered her: as she often referred to them because they had somekind of reasoning, dwarfed as it was.
The planet was helpless, watching the storm of insects sweep across sections and regions of the planet. Their inhabitants hiding in fear they would get bite, and die of its deadly poison.
Daylight was upon the planet, and the mysterious insects were overhead, a pool of them attacked Siren, and to their dismay, died instantly, with the thick blood of hers, thus, they quickly fled (astound at what happened) to regroup and figure out their next strategy, their next move: for a short time anyway. At that point, the skies were emptied out with the flying foe.
Said King Blaze of the Vipers (a question to Siren as they stood in the grasslands looking up): “The flood of insects will come after they figure out what to do, than what?” Blaze the Viper, moaned in a way Siren understood to mean ‘disaster.’ She knew, like him, once the insects put two and two together, the skies would turn hellish again, despite doom in his eyes, he smiled at Siren, hoping she had a plan ‘B’.
Perhaps fifty percent, of the living creatures were infected by the insects, a high percentage dead, many in the process of dying; even after the attack on Siren, she herself was drained to a point she was weakened, and should they attack her on a regular bases, she’d be bone dry, even though she might kill a few million with her blood, what was that, when there are billions.
Siren did notice one thing, they avoided water, as she looked down, she noticed pools of them n water, they evidently fell to the water trying to get to her, and died in the process, not all dying of her blood. This was a motivating find for her.

Chapter Three
Blue Mist

It rained the following two days and Siren witnessed the sky was empty of the insects, she concluded the down pour would give her time to create a plan for action, that might serve to defeat the insets, or at least cause them to stop their activities for a long, long period of time.
Her other plot was to figure out what or when was the source that incarcerated them in the first place, so long ago, and they could help.
After the 3rd day, the rain ebbed, and a mist appeared; yet no insects, things were in their favor, at least for the immediate. The Viper and Rat habitat was at peace for the moment; actually, all the kingdoms of he planet were hoping desperately Siren would solve this riddle, this issue, and this plague of sorts. Fro the second time in SSARG’s history, the planet was united in fighting against a more devious foe than them, instead against one another—Xinimi the Hermit, was the link to the Ancient Blue Mist, a deadly substance that kept the dead, alive in the Shadowlands, it is why the ghosts, and ghouls—the dead never left.

Ghoul From the Shadowlands

What took places was this: the Hermit’s father’s grandfather’s, grandfather, had his sons long ago, being some of the blue mist out of the Shadowlands, for just this reason, and the Hermit’s father, left three containers with Xinimi, for just such a purpose; it was a feat never achieved again. Once ingested by insects these insects, it would cause a ripple effect in their bodies and their insides would cascade as the bodies hardened to an iron type hardness, and death would prevail in a matter of seconds; for some reason it was not deadly to anyone else, nor was it deadly to the insects if they were in the environment, it was a substance, taken out of some substance in the air in the Shadowlands.
So the insects figured it was time to recapture the planet, they had hidden in the bowels of the planet, for this very occasion, and now they numbered as many as the sands, or pieces of grass in the grasslands, uncountable.
Siren, having a sixth sense, also had a stronger stamina, she climbed the tallest tree in the forest of he Rats, and there she opened up one of the huge canisters of mist, waited for the endless stream of insects to infest the land, and it happened to be, the mist found its wind, and it soaked into the wings and bodies of the insects, and they fell to the surface of the planet like little stones, with everyone’s delight.
After several hours, the planet stood still, for good reasons, the mist had left, and so did the insects, to some hidden place in the underworld of the planet, the place they had been breeding for centuries.

Chapter Four
(The insect’s nest)

The planet was no longer reduced to panic, and Siren made her way back to her Castle, on the Quiet Mound, her home on SSARG, the one she built so long ago. But her goal was not completely accomplished, she wanted to find the nest of the troubling insects; she had sensed it was in the bowels of the earth, and she knew the forest had many, many tunnels that went from one corner of the planet to the other, should one be able to follow them. She had heard of a legend of little people also, that lived in the underworld, in a large cave, perhaps fifty to a hundred miles, corner to corner, yet the tunnels provided a number of stairways to the surface. These little people—she did not know what they were called, but could travel in any direction within the tunnels and never get lost, and always find their way back home, something like the penguins of the South Pole on earth. Therefore, if this was the case, her instincts were perhaps correct, the insects probably found an abode in one of the long tunnels, and since they were attacking so close to the forest and grasslands, it possibly could be right under them, several miles, or a few hundred miles into the crust of the planet; all conjecture, but it was all she had. And where did they go. She killed masses of them with the mist, but not all.
Bringing this theory up to Blaze II, king of the Vipers, he had 10,000 of his snakes search the grass lands, and forest, and King Rat did the same, but with 30,000 rats, since he had more to spare. They searched high and low for an opening big enough for a billion if not ten billion, insects to disappear in a matter of minutes if not hours.
Siren had realized, should she not rid the planet of these pests, they’d simply return in the future, and she’d be called back to clean up the mess with only one canister left to fight the insects with, so on she went, looking and searching for the prized, entrance. She realized evil is unaware of wrongdoing.
—Blaze II, motioned he had found a big deep abyss in the middle of the forest; it penetrated beyond a mile deep. When Siren looked down its pitch dark depths, she knew they were down there somewhere, in consequence the snakes made themselves into a rope and one by one lowered Siren into the pit, foot by foot they lowered her one mile deep, winding down the hole, mud soaked hole, and lowered her deep in the bowels of the planet. It got hotter and hotter, and she was sweating all her life liquids out of her body rapidly. Yet she held tight onto the snakes until she was on solid ground. In the side of her mouth, in a crevice, she kept some liquids, it was often used for starvation purposes, and she released them, to gain her strength back. The snakes held tight onto one another, knowing Siren had to scout the area out first, and they’d have to allow her to climb back up onto and over them to get back to the surface, although at times the tunnel did not go straight down, but curved, helping a climber, and allowing less pull on the snakes; plus, if she wished to climb out herself, it was not impossible, just slower.

Chapter Five
In the Crust of the Planet

After twelve hours of searching, the journey seemed hopeless. She walked some sixty miles through the tunnels at which point, she was more than willing to give up, and go back (yet she knew the long term consequences for the planet should she: that being, the insects would return, and it would only take a matter of perhaps days, weeks or months, before the ecosystem on the planet collapsed. The insects had polluted the atmosphere, and the water system, also, and the planet had lost already 25% of its species almost overnight. At such current trends, it would not take long, should they return to do a replay, especially the vertebrates, and vegetation was subject to extinction. Again, the outlook at best, was grim, and grimmer should they return sooner than expected. Hunting and vegetation was the environmental man sources of protein).

On the surface, Blaze II, and King Rat were becoming more hopeful, although worried for Siren’s life; likewise, the rope the vipers made was being sustained by pure will.
The stress of it all affected Siren’s mind, she stopped halfway back through the tunnel, towards the entrance, held her head in a tight grip with her hands and put pressure on her sides, her temples, for they were throbbing. She had not spoken a word for hours. Her thoughts were filled with sad regrets. She pondered on the inside of her mind, mentally debating, ‘should I give it a few more hours, and can the vipers hold out that long.’
The heat was suffocating at times in the long dark halls of the caves, and then would cool for a few hours more, as if the planet had shifted; a few times she felt like she was losing consciousness, and would stand supported by the walls of the tunnel until her dizziness subsided; the ceiling was high above her, when all of a sudden she heard a buzzing noise, ten miles high up, the insects were waiting, wings flapping, chatter in their own indefinable language.
What she hoped for she couldn’t explain to her minds eye, but the very fact was, she found them, and it was a grand moment, and she had to rush back to the surface to set up a plan; hence, once she found the opening, she quickly climbed over the bodies of he vipers, their heads, and slimy torsos, of which they were all torso, and told the two foes the discovery. In explaining, she emphasized it was essential for the next few days to walk lightly on the ground, lest we make our selves too obvious, for we will be planning something; in consequence, being conspicuous was crucial.

Chapter Six
The Hypothesis

Siren explained her hypotheses to the creature kings, “We will hope for the best...” it was a very good and logical plan, thought the two foes, and for the next three days all the rats and vipers created a dame some miles away from the abyss [hole], down along the river, as the rains came, it helped even more so, as the water seeped over the banks, and soaked into the ground, and onward to the entrance of the underworld. Slowly the ground became like a sponge, it could not hold anymore water, and thus, it became a swamp for the most part, and then the dam broke, and flooded feverishly everything on the surface of the ground; all the creatures climbed to high areas, dry areas, as that section of the earth became a flood region It sunk to the depths of where the insects were, down the abyss, and up and through the tunnels. They were trapped, should they come out, the rains would kill them, should they stay put, the flood would kill them, “Great!” said Siren sitting high up in a tree, the water flooded down, down, down into the abyss, and parts of the SSARG started crumbling, and taking masses of insects with them—in the process, this was the end for the menacing insects, as the abyss hole flooded over itself.

The Underworld of SSARG

Chapter Seven

Siren had fallen to sleep in the tree, and when she awoke, intending to see her viper friends, she was dumbfounded, she was in some strange habitat, a world different than where she was previously, so it looked, so she told herself (for it wasn’t the grasslands or the forest, or any place she had been to before). Perhaps she was dead, and resurrected on another world, so she pondered, but her senses said ‘no’, it was not that either—but what else? She had not left SSARG, to her understanding, with a sigh she just paced back and forth.
She now noticed a swarm of little people starting to surround her, no bigger than a foot, their eyes seemed cruel and malice, but she was, as they also were, curious, if anything; and of course, she was their main attraction. (She soon would find out, they were the Cuma people, a race long forgotten on SSARG).
She noticed they wore hides of rats, as she looked them over; women had robes, the children naked, completely. The men had loincloths, some hides. They somewhat used a 3rd language, one Siren heard was used on a far off planet called, “the: Pale Planet.” She adjusted accordingly, and witnessed these folks eating dead space fish, roots, walking and looking for any kind of foliage, or eatable thing. She could hear a stream of water nearby. Perhaps some terrestrial force left these poor souls, ugly, odd creatures here long ago, she was guessing, that was all she could do, than a voice from the thinking mind of one of the little people came up to her, and in his mind he said “We are the Cuma People,” the man was 900-years old she learned, he didn’t know Siren could read his thoughts, and he was trying to figure out how to communicate with her. As she looked about, she noticed a woman named Naid the Ugly. She was the pitiful ignorant one, there were sever of her hideous kind mixed with the Cuma people, they were pre-Cuma people, with wings, they could fly, and were used to fly around looking for those that would harm the Cuma people, and like a slave, notify the brother of Tolomeo the Leader (Ajooh the Creep). Often times, Siren found out more information this way, reading minds, than talking to the person in person.
She now stared into their eyes, they didn’t seem so cruel or malice now, but they wanted something from her. She continued to scan the area, the caves in the back ground, the caves near by, some wooden small huts, many tunnels, one main tunnel, where she was broth in, she assumed, it lead to the outer part of this underworld. Underworld, she heard them say several times, now she believed it, seeing the roots hanging all about, crooked streets, more of mud, and wooden walkways here and there.
The little people seemed as if they were cornering her, perhaps unintentionally, for they knew who she was, and should she seek to escape, she’d surely find a way. Again, Siren knew they wanted something, and no one seemed to be in a hurry to try and take her prisoner, but she did not now, or has the remotest idea, no one was talking.
Siren seemed again, as if she was talking to herself, and the tone of her voice was heard by a man called Tolomeo, a little old man, then he said, “Siren,” he hesitated, “we are happy you are here, and want to thank you for ridding the upper and lower world of those nasty flying tick-vampires [Ftv’s], and put his hand on her leg to show his warmth. He had seen her before, when she was checking out the tunnels for those mosquito type insects called: Ftv’s, the little people were inquisitive and followed her, and then blocked the entrance into their domain, in fear she would bring ruin to them, but it was the other way around.

Chapter Eight

“You are precisely, 250-feet below the surface of SSARG. We have a numinous, a great bear brought eons ago to our underworld to haunt us, eat and kill us, it was brought over by some inhabitances from the ‘Pale Planet,’ (also known as: “The Grey Planet,” in the Dark Galaxy). He is our antagonist,” said Tolomeo.
“Yes,” said Siren “continue…”
“We have made a great discovery!” said Tolomeo.
“And what is that?” asked Siren.
“You, yes you. You are equal to the bear, you can kill it for us.”
“You are crazy little old man, what do you suppose I can use to do this with, I have no weapons?” replied Siren.

Chapter Nine
Little People of the Underworld

(Small than midgets, dark skinned, hairy folks, were the little people of the underworld, where Siren found herself. Families: wives, young ones, and males, hey all seemed to have ornaments on their ankles, writs, around their necks; most wore somekind of loose garments, yet half naked.)

There was a source of perpetual light and heat to this inner world, dull at times as it was, and bright at other times, the hollow world was not without light, warmth, and cooling stages—and Siren learned Tolomeo was its spokesman, an elder of the group, the mud and cave village that is, with its seven hundred or so inhabitants. They were no taller than a foot, she concluded.
Siren had also learned Tolomeo had no family to speak of, they were eaten by the bear, or ears. And he tried to explain to Siren, the best he could, on how the light worked in the underworld. He spoke a different language, but Siren was good at manipulating languages, breaking them down to an understandable form.
Said Tolomeo, in is own way: “There is a nebulous of gases behind the crystal roof of our underground world; it serves as a source of light and heat. The roof has been here for a million years we are told; it is perhaps all of one million square meters. As the planet shifts about in its orbit, it seems to misplace some of the gases into other rivers and tunnels within its domain, and then when it gets back to a smoother orbit, its eternal light comes back again. We were never without light, or heat, only in degrees.”

Siren was surprised at the grotesque looking little inhabitants, how they survived in such a living hell, perilous environment to say the least. Liken to the Shadowlands, she presupposed, although different, and of course, you normally had to die to get into that part of the planet.

Chapter Ten
Stumbling about

Siren stumbled about, looking for the big bear, evidently some twenty feet tall, with a spine that seemed to bend as it went after its prey, what kind of gravity held his bulky body up was beyond Siren’s understanding, it extended outwards, and its small legs griped the ground solidly, why it didn’t fall flat on its face was remarkable, she thought, she had to hold back her laughing when she first caught sight of this voraciously, odd looking beast, whom tried to corner her, but fled into the dark tunnels of the underworld’s caves, when she would not stand down. Perhaps the bear had to regroup and think things over a bit, she pondered.

Time seemed to be erased here, in the underworld of planet SSARG, and Siren could not tell if days or hours were passing by, if anything, after what seemed a long period of time—still puzzled on the matter of the bear and waiting for him—time had elapsed, and to her better judgment it was days, several days she figured, not hours. But she held her ground, let a fire outside the several entrances to the caves, and figured the big bear would have to come out sometime. When I say big bear, I mean big ear, it was 6000-pounds, and could rush its prey at fifty-miles per hour, thus on the 8th day, the beast left the cave.
Siren saw the beast as it slowly left the arch of the dark tunnel that led into the guts of the cave, she had been the cave several times, but in fear of getting lost, she opted to remain outside, realizing the ear would have to come out sooner or later.
Then on the 8th day, the east left the cave, it saw Siren, she had a bestial look on her face, she had made two knives form old fangs she found in the mud, one in each had she held as the beast neared her.
In a dash for her, the 6000-pound bear, twenty-feet high moved at speed an incredible speed, across the 1200-meter clearing to where she stood, in the snarling dash the pray (Siren) made no offensive move, but kept her stance. She knew the animal had intelligence of some sort, she had seen its claws had dug into the sandstone walls of the cave, as if it was leaving a sign how to get out of the tunnels, should it get lost. She had picked up microfossils as well, the cave was ancient, and perhaps some 800,000-years of usage from its kind.
She stood firm in her stance, and as the bear got within several feet in front of her, it stopped abruptly, and stared at its prey. In Siren’s magical linguistic manner, she asked the bear its name:
Nodoneayh,” came out of the bear’s mouth in broken up sounds.
Next, She looked at its hind legs, short, and muscular they were, its huge jaws had opened up wide, it was showing her its fangs, in the clap of an eye, Siren twisted her body forty-five degrees, after that, she jumped in the air, and as she came down (inches away from the bears head), she held her self balanced on the bears shoulder, and dropped into its wide open roaring mouth, the two fangs she had sharpened into knives, crisscrossed they dropped into the throat of the bear, and instantly, she pushed herself from the bear back onto the surface, as the bear choked, and dropped to its knees.

Chapter Eleven
Dying Bear [Nodoneayh]

Siren the Great was surprised at her control of the whole matter, as she witnessed the bear dying, madly gasping for breath. It rolled about in terrific speed, and agility, its muscles budging out, he was now on its back, the howls had stopped, and Siren knew this was the last moments for the bear, its life would be extinguished soon. At the same time, the villagers the little people all surrounded the back area of Siren; still too fearful the bear might dislodge the fangs, and then what? Siren heard the little people shouting, “Die, die, die…!” on and on, they looked like little demon now to her—with fierce little faces. For the first time in this jaunt, or stream of events she had second thoughts about the bear and the balance of power in this section of the underworld. She also knew the bear had cubs, several of them she had spotted them off and on as she investigated the interior of the tunnels, perhaps there were other bears inside the tunnels. She then did something that was not only surprising for the little people, but shocking: to her they were both strange creatures in a world she knew little about. She grabbed a knife out of the hands of Tolomeo, and cut open the midsection to the bear’s throat, and dislodged the fangs she had thrown into its mouth. The little people were horrified at what they saw, yet too fearful to attack the bear, and too much in shock to question Siren’s motives.
Said Siren in a language the bear understood, “Should I here of you returning to kill or eat the little folks, I will come back and chain you to the cave, and let them slowly eat you alive!”
After saying that, with no further ado, Siren left the village, and its excitement. She figured she’d find her way out somehow, her senses were working well, and if the little people saw her, then it should not be too difficult to retrace her old tracks back to the main hole, and climb the muddy walls to the forest of the Rats, and back to the Grasslands where the Vipers lived (and she did just that).

Chapter Twelve
Bestial Rage

Out of the labyrinthine grottos came Siren, now within the front of the large tunnel, where previously the snakes had once roped themselves to one another to help her down the abyss hole, she had climbed up its towering sides, inch by inch, and now was standing on its rim looking at her old friend Tangor, whom out of instinct, or telepathy, came to her rescue, although not needed at this point.
“Bestial rage is going on in this forest, and near your mound, and castle,” he explained to Siren, adding, “what happened here to get them so enraged?”
“I am really a woman warrior of another world, every time I come here, I do believe, the beasts take leave and with heated hearts and eyes find reasons to war with one another, kill and are killed, this is a land of perpetual combat. Perhaps out of boredom.”
Tangor smiled, almost laughed, hearing this from such a warrior as Siren, who almost lived for the battle.
“Coming out your mouth that sounds serious.” He said cunningly, as not to offend her, so she’d not be so hard on the beasts, and try to create another peace. He knew she loved the planet, and all its inhabitants, she was called Queen of all the Lands, not to include the Shadowlands or the Underworld of course, but all the other lands—and so there was regard for her.
“This is really disloyalty, we made a pack, the rats and vipers would seek peace, not forever of course, but for an extended period of time, must I have to remain here unto my dying days to keep them from eating one another?”
“It is a strange cruel world,” commented Tangor, who had come to see Siren, but now things had changed, and in his mind was not really needed, yet, hoping she’d go with him in his spacecraft, on another voyage after settling this dispute (they once were lovers from years before).
Siren only shrugged her shoulders, as she looked about, as if not hearing Tangor: looked here and there, bodies of rats and vipers all over, dead from previous battles in the past several days.

It was a long hike back, and as they hiked, they talked some, and then Siren shifted her mindset, so it seemed to Tangor, and she started talking as if to herself, but it wasn’t it was to her mother. This was not the first time she had done that, have silent or aloud conversations with her dead mother whom was in the back of her mind, some residue that she implanted years before. After a light conversation, her lips kept moving, but no sound now came out, it did in the beginning, but she noticed Tangor listening, “They will both treat you with marked respect, so force the two kings to a peace, so you can leave in peace, otherwise you will be haunted by the fact you did not bring one about. And such thoughts in a warrior are not good, rather haunting at times, distracting” Thought Siren: how true those words were.

Chapter Thirteen
Ranhar the Dupe

As they marched to the mound, she caught sight of two large twenty-foot vipers guarding her property, the gateway was blocked; involuntarily they both hissed at her, not being perhaps familiar with her, or trying to impress one another, and still possibly trying to impress the several rats that were on the edge of the forest looking at them. Whatever the case, Siren was not impressed with these two young reptiles and the hissing, with laughter they were doing, it was more of a power play, or to show who was all-powerful, so she concluded. Their large white fangs sharp as any knives Siren knew were gleaming at here.
(In the forest these several rates mingled and chatted among themselves, they knew well, this was Queen Siren, and made no attempt to do a thing, perhaps waiting for Siren to kill them both, and save them the trouble. In any case, they feared Siren, and were most intrigued the young vipers were acting so brave: perhaps they didn’t know who she was, they could have come back after the war, the seven-day war, and again, perhaps they were gone for a spell, and didn’t know. Usually her castle was guarded so this was not unusual, but she was obvious, who else could it be but Queen Siren, as she told them she was, but they paid no head, and pretended to not know who she was, or acknowledge the name.)
Again, Siren spoke to her mother, looked at Tangor, who had a weapon in his belt, a revolver or sorts. But she motioned to Tangor to stand down, unless both were attacking her; and should she die here, she’d have a second chance to live, on another planet, but should Tangor become the prey, or the second victim, he’d not be able to regenerate his body parts onto another planet. (She had perhaps at this time, used up half her resurrections, of which Moirommalit’s have about 100.)) The problem being: they never know where they will end up.))
She stood gazing at the vipers, in a defensive posture, she wanted them to attack, thus, she’d have the advantage, the counterstrike, but it would have to take place in the clap of an eye. Said Tangor “I can shoot them, but it seems, a might too easy for you?”
Siren had a sixth sense, her mother had given it to her I do believe. With her mother it was more like telepathy when they both spoke, with these silent vipers projecting to one another their thoughts, she could understand them though, it went something like this: I will jump her (the large one conveyed to the other, the large one was called Ranhar), and when I do, you be by my side, and make sure the other one does not get involved.
While she was reading these thought conversations, she took the two sharp fangs she had used against the great bear out of the side of her string like belt, and positioned them in her hands, then the ground shook, with the thrust of the leaping viper called Ranhar, and as it leaped, it knocked Siren smashing onto her back, but at the some time, the fangs went into the vipers eyes, blinding him completely, next, the second viper started to leap, and Tangor shot him dead. Siren constantly kicked the snake hard in its head determined to escape its winding around her body, and fate would not be on the Vipers side; the four hundred pound snake was now blindly trying to feel, touch Siren, but could not find her. It was a humiliating defeat for the viper, and the rats chuckled like squirrels, but were stunned to see Tangor did not have to fight, he just pulled out something, and pointed it, and something came out of something, and killed a viper. This was most unusual, yet this person, respected Siren, thus, it was to their advantage to do the same, and they quickly went to the King Rat, to explain what they had witnessed.

Chapter Fourteen
The Sleeping Worms

The planet had seen a total upheaval in the past month, with insects, and flood within the forest, and aggressive ness between the rats and vipers; Siren had her work cut out for her, and then after fight with the guarding Vipers, to her gates, it easy exhausting, and she was hoping her and Tangor could rest in her castle on the mound, the one she had built so many pears ago, if that was possible. They did spend one cozy night in the castle, and on the second night things happened again. Tangor was quite watchful both nights, and her heard an uproar outside the castle gates, he was alarmed, echoes that were saying “The Sleeping Worms!” Whatever that meant.

(Seven feet or so, below the upper roots, the thick roots of the giant trees of the forest, and those leading around Siren’s castle, and down into the Grasslands of the Vipers, there were what was known on the planet as sleeping worms, and they were no longer sleeping for the most part. They were known to sleep for a hundred years or so, and thus in the process many died, they never woke up; they only woke up during atrophy. And there were billions upon billions of them. They sucked their nutrients from the roots of the tree; should the tree die, they’d die. Hence, the rats and the worms and the Vipers were gathering outside of Siren’s gates; masses of all three species were awoke, and eating everything eatable in site.)

Tangor, hastening back to Siren to inform her, of the crowd, and the pile of meaningless worms that were gathering outside the gets, when he approached Siren, he looked horrified, not quite understanding the circumstances.
“I think we have to come up with a plan to exterminate these worms, worms I say, that is the problem we are having outside the gates, millions of worms,” he said to Siren “before they eat everything, and every body.
Said Siren, calmly “Here the worms are not that deadly, and are quite evolved, yet they scare the rats and vipers, simply because they eat so much, then they go back to where they come from. They grow several sizes larger than what they are by the time they return of course, but should you stop them, then we do have a problem, its called suffocating when you are sleeping, they will cover you up like a blanket, and suck you dry for nourishment.

Chapter Fifteen

Said Siren to the crowd gathered outside her gates, “Life within the crust of your planet is older than that of which is on its surface, and some have to take that into consideration if we all want to survive.” Her sixth sense was pickup up that they were listening to what she was saying and understanding, the reptiles and rodents, even the worms. “We should understand that neither of the species on this planet have an advantage over the other, if one wars with the other, both get wiped out, in this case perhaps three species will be wiped out: you can’t stop a species from eating if it is hungry, it would be a frightful battle trying, for it is survival they are seeking. We all see one another with different eyes, but most understand that—we need to eat or extermination is possible, as in a war with one another, so I say to the rats and vipers, let the worms eat all the foliage they can, there will be enough for all the rest of us thereafter.”
—Siren was hoping the animals could reason this out, if not mentally, at least instinctively, that there was no dominate species per se on the planet that was not subject to extinction, and that the planet was molded to balance out the way it was, that is, separately, but in times like this, cooperatively, or all vanish together, totally. She did get this across.
It was hard for the vipers to stand down, they were in essence, the brutes of the planet in this section, but they seen Siren’s lips in motion, and understood her seriousness.
Having said that, both Siren and Tangor went back to their room, Tangor could not sleep, and therefore, started to outline the history of the planet SSARG, according to Siren (for the most part).
The creatures of the land, took what Siren said to heart, and accepted her plan as the only feasible one available, plus, they of course considered their horrible fate, had they not.

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Planet of Gray Dawn [“Siren the Great”] Part III to SSARG

Planet of Gray Dawn
The Saga of: “Siren the Great”
[Part III to the Planet SSARG]

by: Dennis L. Siluk

Chapter One
Dark Observation

[Location: the Black Galaxy, Planet Cirumia] I wound never have chosen to tell this story on my own, for I had already said enough on the exploits and adventures of “Siren the Great” of planet SSARG (a planet in the far off Black Galaxy), or her home planet of Moiromma, which borders Earth’s solar system. Although if one were to check her journals out, you would discover she was born in the dark chambers of earths so called subterranean vaults of hell, and stranded in the gulf waters of Hades (another story unto itself, in the journals of ‘The Cadaverous Planets’). As I was about to say, had she herself, not changed my mind to do so, I would not be writing this. What she would like to tell is her last encounter, or affair, however you may see it: lest somebody write a story untrue about it, thus, I by me telling it, she will be assured you get the facts straight.
Theorists have asked on her astronomical cosmic planetary data, ‘…would she share it?’ In short, she has to a certain degree already shared much of it: such as her adventures on Moiromma, and on Earth, and planet Toso, and of course planet SSARG, and its moon, along with several other planets, and planetoids, etc. And time will only tell, if she wishes me to divulge any more of her information. Hence, Siren whispered to me, across the cosmos, by telepathy, most recent, and I shall you, what she has told me.

Some folks have said we, Siren and I stumbled upon one another accidentally; by and large, it was not by any means, premeditated, this of course is no great secret, and it is how most folks meet, somewhat by accident, if indeed, there is such a thing as a coincidental meeting such as ours. Then you’d have to say her friends Tangor and Rognat, come under the same heading, and I doubt they’d confirm this dark observation to be fully true, fate has its way of dominating lives, and perhaps they’d prefer to say, they met under weird circumstances, as I met her, and her beauty, lust for life, love for combat and the hunt, her instinct, all of it caused us to stretch ourselves out to the other person so we could: mingle, befriend one another, it was diffident: attraction, and with her it was always Iron Attraction, meaning: clutching attraction, that which pulls one to the other, as the moon does to the oceans on earth: magnetic force beyond gravity. Plainly, she is no criminal, and perhaps in this writing I am just a pawn, but the record will be straight for posterity’s sake.
Siren was tuned quite well to all natures of time, epochs, history, places: adjusting to her environment on any planet in the universe and she would survive—she always had, but it was in this case, her 100th resurrection, meaning, there’d be no more; her last, as a result, she would never resume her body again should she die; as she had adapted in the past to wherever her alien body reasoned to live. Her kind, violated all cosmic inscrutable laws; her kind was a rift in the universe. Hence, those of Moiromma could live between 500 to 900 years should they preserve their one hundred resurrections that long, most didn’t.
On another note, those from her planet, might consider them as looking like they were a low-class primitive race, many of them anyhow, she was a beauty in the eyes of all living creatures on all planets, as was her mother.
Very few women have ever fascinated me so much (let it be known I speak of her in the past tense); Siren lives, as for me I know, somewhere in the cosmos, but according to earth, she perhaps is long dead. She did for a short time, live in the vaults of hell, when she was born (again another story unto itself). And from these vaults she did escape (not her mother, alas), and the escape led her to the waters of Hades, its thousand-mile lake, she died her first death there (and for more information on this, I must refer you to the book of Cadaverous Planets; and her chronicles).

Chapter Two
Anxious Restraint

Siren always seemed anxious, but carried with her a little restraint; she also needed to be the leader of the pack; she wasn’t overbearing, or a commanding bully, but with good leadership skills, ones that influenced those around her to follow her, and they did.
In time past she was as strong as a bull, with hands like iron, a grip that could hold the jaws of any great snake shut. Further more, her life was a countless number of adventures, risks and freak accidents, repressions. She was by all means, different, not complete unless she was on the move, and such a life seemed to draw out the violence in the universe, it followed her. But like all living things, things I say, not demonic in nature, physical things, we cascade, our systems cannot last forever. And I sensed she was trying to tell me the dynamics of her present life that energy was leaving her. The lust for life she kept, but on the edge, no longer did she seem to be in the main circle of things. Yet she was restless as always when we talked.

Chapter Three
Planet Cirumia

When Siren had died, the transition, like always for Moirommalit’s (swift and brief) she found herself on a new planet, this one called Cirumia. She found herself-lying in the deep bluish-green grass, somewhat dead looking with its gray like mist around everything, yet it was green, one could tell, when the sun came out during the day for its short lived life, then seeped back into its norm, of a pale like dawn: the sun flooded the planet during these two hours each day, wit its precious rays.
The planets grotesque looking moon, called Orion, was nearly the only light on the planet at night, should the pale mist not disappear, and it seldom did; the mist was like a canopy, blocking most everything out.
She laid naked, as was for each of her resurrections, and again she survived that unconscious flight through time and space, soul and all, spirit zooming through the cosmos to whom ever the universe beckoned—to take her, and here she vibrantly awoke, a new environment indeed, grateful she was to be alive, and on a planet that was inhabitable, lest she find one with no air, like earth’s moon, and thus, having to die her last death, and not be resurrected. This was her last, her 100th, resurrection. She knew it, and she had to make the best of it, there would be no more.

“On ever side of me were vast mounds, hills that stretched as far as the eye could see. The grass was short, not like on Planet SSARG; In the distance I saw frozen like waves of ice, peaks, it gave off a chill with the delivering wind, but I thought: why am I feeling this, I mean, I am from Moiromma, Planet of ice, my system adjusted to heat and ice well, especially the cold. But it was not this day. My first day on this new planet I would learn was called Cirumia.”


“I didn’t know who peopled this planet, not yet, anyhow: animals or perhaps some kind of human form. My imagination was on fire, there was air, thin as it was, but enough for me to dash about, walk along the river beds and where it came from I’ve yet to find out—determined I would sometime, somewhere along the line, during my stay here; let me explain, it came out of the atmosphere into the grooves cut into the planets surface—from where it picked it up, I don’t know, picked up the fresh water, a phenomenon repeated wherever I say lakes and rivers and streams, different it was, as the wind carried its watery load, then dumping it as if the surface water was or had some kind of magnetic force to direct it, and when it passed over the river below sucked it into its mouth like ditches. The moon seemed to have something to do with it, it got close to the planet during such activity, gravity plays its own games out of necessity I would think, and so when the winds died down, the planet got sprinkled and the rivers less filled, and the mood backed off.
“The quite got to me after several days; remembering envious days on earth. I, who had never, know much quiet was getting my fill, and in a way it didn’t annoy me as much as I thought it might—it was just different and stirring.
“—A heavy sound come form behind me. My first living sound of whatever inhabited this planet I’d guess.
“At first glance, it looked like a real person, at second glance, it was a creature with three arms, eyes that were so far apart, it would see bin back of its self; it was covered with brown leather skin, knotted like muscles, a protruding large, very large jaw; a think nose, and small ears, it wore a loincloth.

Chapter Four
Whale Jawbone

Siren’s muscles were just starting to stop acing from her transfer through the cosmos, and her exchangeable, and redeemable chemical make up (to a red flesh opus, or composition) from space to the planets surface, her body had just finished adapting to her new environment, when a creature leaped out in front of her, he had a low, very low whalebone like jaw [thick boned], ‘…perhaps the elder of his clan…’ Siren thought.
This creature had leather like smooth skin, brown skin, three arms, about six feet tall or so, smaller than Siren, this beast of a man jumped, leaped like a leopard, in front of Siren and grabbed her, but she had broken out of his half clinch quickly, and heaved him a distance with an iron like blow to his face, a kick to his belly, simultaneously. She wobbled backwards, swayed a bit, she was surprised in a way (aging); and on the other hand, the humanoid-beast was bewildered likewise, his strength evidently had crushed whomever got in his way, he stood blindly, disappointed, and as he came forward, Siren jumped several feet in the air, and when she landed, Jawbone-man, had dagger like marks from his forehead down the sides of his face, all the way inward into his bone, you could see his bones—plainly, as she screamed with agony.
What occurred to Siren was: here was an older man, had three or four young ones like him cornered her, she’d be dead. This hairless creature in an erect position gasped a bit, waiting, and then Siren knew what he was waiting for, several of his clansmen were coming over a mound. Another thought occurred to her: was this the high or low part of this planets culture, this being [?]
She looked closely at, whom turned out to be the victim, he, was still conscious and standing up, not moving. She looked about, there was no grass to hide behind, like on Planet SSARG, and should the several corner her, she didn’t feel confident enough to kill them all, or could kill them all, and if she was killed, she’d not return. A dilemma indeed for her, one she never had to face before.
Catching her breath, panting a bit, she had to make a decision quick.

Chapter Five
After the First Battle

“I knew they were part of the tribe of my foe—the descending and nearing creatures, who else could they be, and here I am standing next to the beast I just crippled, I was not sure what they to do next—for once, but there really was no escape, or refuge from this planet. There were mountains way in the far distance, nearby was all mounds, and some small green foothills, I mean, yellowish-green. But everything looked gray at the moment, everything that was no farther than a few hundred feet from me; I mean there was a gray mist in the atmosphere, around me, everywhere, everything.
“I ran towards the foothills, and hid behind some shrubbery, watched the group gathering around the old heavy-jawed-boned man, and my body started to tremble from the submerging chilling air, everything was so gray, suffocating. For some odd reason the primitives did not follow me, perhaps I was a creature they needed to learn more about me—I presume—before they did what they wanted to do; thus, needing to explore me and my ways more, and its ways of how to deal with me. I knew not their ways, there kind of thinking, nor could they or I figure out how to deal with the situation at hand, so I was thinking. Perhaps they were cleverer than I gave them credit for. But at this very moment, I was lost for any great maneuvers.
“I found some barriers hanging loosely on a number of branches of some low slanting bushes, and I ate them hardily, they were sour, but I hadn’t eaten anything since before my last death. As I moved around and beyond this area, I found huge ice hills, sucked some moisture off of their sides, I was really thirsty, and it satisfied me completely. I could eat most anything, any kind of nourishment any place, it was not lethal for my body, for Moirommalit’s are quite adaptable in this way. But my body was not functioning as it normally did; it was in slow gear, slow motion yet.
“The farther I walked north, the more insects I found and ate, there were many, and I sensed it kept this part of the planet warm, for there wasn’t much sun, and the ground to my knees were warm, although the upper atmosphere was thin here with a chill, almost void of any large amount of vegetation: the insects were hot when I ate them. Furthermore, I found I needed to rest more than I was used to, more than before that is, before I came to this planet.”

Chapter Six
Jawbone and Leopard Man

The mid-noon sun, and the midnight sun came out daily, although it was out for less than a few hours each day, at each occurrence: so it was in this part of the planets position. The warmth of the sun this day seemed to help the twenty or so Jawbone creatures to find and encircle Siren; they woke Siren up from a relaxed sleep, now she was at full strength. Like a wild instinctive animal, Siren awoke and jumped up onto her feet to meet her foe; she had felt also, the heat from their beastly body’s surrounding her, heavy bodies they were, now standing all around her, examining her like a Ginny pig, yet the creatures seemed more paranoid than hungry for her blood. And they seemed a little different than the ones she had meet a while ago, not as aggressive. Their ears were different also, and the noses, they only had holes for these facial items before this breed had small ears and a small ski-jump for a nose: all in all, the impression she got was they were in no rush to attack her, a higher order or a more peaceful order she concluded of these inhabitants. After penetrating their language system wither her mind, some readjustments for her translations to be, which her mother seemed to help her with, in the back vaults of her mind, for she had put them there for her to use in times like this, thus, with observation, and now able to communicated she found she was indeed taller than these six foot two creatures.
The language they were talking was adaptable to her within minutes, it was not English per se, but she understood them nonetheless, as if it was. She noticed one of the other creatures had followed her, and was staring afar behind a rock, and when noticed took off.
The man called Leopard, the leader spoke, “We are looking at you to see if you are our enemy, or friend!” He commented.
These creatures had furs on, bear furs to be exact, then Leopard Man, handed her his fur cloak, a garment of bear skin and fur. She quickly covered herself. “You are a friend,” he repeated a few times, to ease her nervousness. “We are not like the Jawbone inhabitants,” she noticed his jaw was not as lowered as the man she had fought.

Chapter Seven
The Camp and the Saneyhs

“I had a few abrasions on my arms and front legs, nothing real bloody, so I paid attention to the stranger more than to my would, the Leopard Man, as he and his tribesmen tried to comforted me with some chemicals he squeezed out of a planet, cactus like, which seemed to close my wounds up quickly, numbing them in the process.
“Night seemed to be coming on, and the Leopard King offered me his hospitality. I accepted, lest I go back on my own, and have to worry about other predatory animals or groups of people as the Jawbones.
The Leopard Men, brought me into their cave-camp area of sorts, where there were several caves in the lower part of the cliffs, the cliffs being in a kind of a horseshoe circle, with a fire in the center part or the plaza like ground area about twenty yards from the caves; here and there were children and women going about their business, fetching water from a nearby creek, attending to an assortment of duties, and chores; and I noticed an animal, likened to an earth dog but not quite, it had six legs, the back two had double legs grown together; no tail but a stub, an inch or two long, perhaps a hundred pounds or so; they stood up about three feet high when on all six legs. They had cat like eyes, yellow with two thin black strips alongside a small black dot in the center of the eyeball.”

(We must remember, the cuts or wounds on Siren, she got from her previous fight, would normally kill a normal human being on earth, or put them in a hospital for a while.)


Siren mentioned, they were all around her, in the camp, all around everything, everyone, everywhere, these dog like creatures, they were called Saneyhs, or Saneyh, for a single creature. They were wild looking, with large saber teeth gawking always, laughingly gawking, or snarling, with big bulging eyes.

Chapter Eight
Saneyhs of Planet Cirumia

“This breed of animal I had never seen, not even on the animalistic humanlike forms on planet SSARG; or for that matter on Toso, or Moiromma, and surely not earth. They had lion like claws, and they moved quickly, like leopards, or cats, eyes penetrating. There must had been two for every man, woman and child in the camp area, I sensed they were guarding them, especially the children; when not doing that, I noticed they dragged a few dead bodies out to the dump area outside the camp, they ate them and what they didn’t eat, they burned, or buried. I assumed they were dead from previous battles—the enemy that is; I didn’t pay all that much attention to it: I did noticed though they were bruised bodies. As they [they being: the Saneyhs] walked by me they hissed at me: looking, always looking, I also sensed they may have felt I was there to replace them, for it seemed, they made a desperate scramble to their masters when they first saw me, unless that is how they were naturally, and time would tell me it was not so, that it was me indeed.
The king laid his glaring eyes on his two pet dogs, or Saneyhs, and they seemed to understand I was not a threat—not yet! They acted like lost souls, not as bold as I had first imagined them. They made no effort to harm me, and remained at their posts and were very dutiful.
As night sunk in more, the pale sky turned the evening into a velvet type twilight as I sat by the fireplace.”

Velvet Twilight
[Over Planet Cirumia in the Black Galaxy]

Velvet twilight fell over the planet
Franticly defusing the pale slopes:
With yellowish-brown, purples hues
Shirking the colorless down—nearby.

Strange constellations rose ablaze:
Stars veiled over the far-off moon,
As it rose over the consecrated valley
And its brooding monochrome mounds…

The icy air: produced a velvet sky:
Stiff, extensive: with gritted eyes.
Its dark broad, natural, evening lights
Flooded the hills with surreal sights.

The mad planet, now painfully calm
Endured twilight, as it came in spasms—;
Then Climbing above, Cirumia’s belly:
It tightened its girdle—for knotted birth.

#1377 [7/2/2006] For SSARG III/Chapter #8; written at EP Café

“As I laid the night away on some furs by the encircling fire, in front of the cave of the king’s, the Leopard mans abode, around me, eerie the eyes were of the beasts, as they searched every inch of the night’s camp; the beasts yapping away, quietly, as the flicker fire made its crackling sounds, and its flames displayed its colors of blue, red and orange, a tint of yellow, warmed my blood in my body, soaked to the marrow of my bones, and lit up my face, legs and thighs now could stretch out with no worry of catching a frozen wind, it felt good. If ever a fire was appreciated, it was this evening.
“I lay half naked backwards, for the fur did not cover me completely, and I seemed to be daydreaming, drifting off, thinking about ancestors, Moiromma, my health, and the snarling dogs...”

Chapter Nine
The Different One
[Three Months Pass]

“I was of course, the odd, the different one among the many in the village. It is needless for me to babble on about the following three-months, in this valley village, among its surrounding mounds and hills. I make bold this statement only to prove Cirumia, is the roughest planet I’ve yet been on.
“I had not dared leave the village, here was food and a way of life I could adjust to and accept as the ‘different one,’ and accepted the good and bad alike. It was peaceful for the three months I had now spent in this habitat. Good and bad it was, yes good and bad, but peaceful which I had very little of in my lifetime. Once I walked out of he village, everything seemed predatory, as it was, as everyone knew it was, and you know as I do, I was not as I used to be, and perhaps not as crazy either, or adventurous, I was exhausted, just to think about it now gets me exhausted. This seemed to me like nice place to remain for the, or until the end of my days—I suppose I felt like they were close by. Like creatures often do, find an abode and die in it, as often they did on SSARG, and this was my abode. Our clothing came from the cliff bears, 20 feet in height, 2000-pounds, a mountain of flesh. Everything was accessible with a little effort.”

Chapter Ten
Losing Strength

“I was perhaps the strongest on the planet earth, strongest living human being that is, as well as on SSARG, not to include the giants and bears, and even on Toso, I was captured there of course, but overwhelmed it took to capture me. Here I have now lost some of my strength.
“How does an aging person toughen themselves up, I was not old for Moirommalit’s, but ancient for Earthlings. I was now 175-years old.
“At night I turned blue, somewhat from the cold not bad, not good. My system could not adjust well to the environment, the climate, to the planet itself, I needed out of necessity something, but what it was I didn’t know. I had learned the Universe, and all its systems, have a way of making those in it, adjust to it, or die in the process: elimination of what it didn’t want, where it was. And I was getting that very feeling, this planet didn’t want me here—save, I needed a place for the time being.”

(Far a field, Siren found a new engagement to her liking, it was time to leave he village, and she set forth at random—)

Chapter 11
“Hell Dogs!”

“Of my wanderings I will briefly will tell, it was not like SSARG, or other planets, I roamed the hillside along ways, often hungry—beasts, savage as were kept on any planet, saw me, yet kept their distance, I think I had the smell of the Saneyhs still on my body, and surely in my cloths.
“I slept in caves with a fire by my side, encircled it somewhat, so the beasts wouldn’t creep up if I could not instinctively sense them. There were no high trees of any kind, just savage beasts outside my caves each and every night catching the warmth of the fire as it drifted outside my entrance. I slew a few for dinner, evil doges, hell doges I called them, fangs as big as a walruses. The meat was tough, and close to the bone, a wild taste I had not had before, like sucking on a leather belt. I was surviving though, and that was all, perhaps like the cavemen on earth, long ago: ancestors, primitive savages of earth, now I was one, I was one of them, I had only the leopard men’s cloth to keep me warm, the cloths they had given me, in the middle of a savage universe. It was a battle for existence and that only.
“ Each day I would wait for the sun, and during the two plus hours of sun, I would rest under its glorious rays sucking up all the vitamin D I needed to activate my chemicals in my body, to reproduce what it needed to rebuild my immune system, for it was dying, and then came in the gray mist, a pale dawn of sorts, and my system would break down again. Perhaps that is why I loved SSARG or Earth, but didn’t care for Moiromma, it had little sun, not as little as this planet, but little in consideration of earth.
I knew if I died this time, there would be no resurrection onto another planet, thus, vigilance was necessary for longer life. But on the other hand, danger lurked at ever corner of this valley, and its central plateaus.”

Chapter 12
Siren’s Philosophies
On the Pale Planet

“Not sure if I was fully alive on this planet, that phrase, has more depth to it than I can express. Most people on earth just walk through decades blurred, on the surface of life, not fully alive, (so Siren told herself as she wandered the mounds and valley by herself for several months). Everything on the planet was like a flicker of light, weakly lit, then came a brighter one for two hours a day. These weeks and months life hammered at my brain as if it was burned out of life’s orbit; now it was occupied with gathering firewood, food and all the basic needs. As I faced big jawed inhabitants, tormented by hell dogs, the moon oozing in and out of the planets orbit like a yoyo, it never ceased, each day was very predictable, perhaps that was good for the village folk, but for me it was, deadly.
“When I wandered about, I did find one quality or asset, I never had much of before, to think, to produce philosophies of life I suppose, to soul search as they say on earth, to roam all the inner valleys of ones mind. Perhaps the great God of the Universe gives each creature of reason this period to prepare themselves for death, for something, because during youth, one is to wild, too busy, too carefree, or careless to do any such thing, lest they find themselves imprisoned.”

Chapter 13
Hell Dogs and Bear Beasts

[Beast Lake] As Siren ventured into the surrounding area, perhaps within a five hundred miles radius, she saw several hideous hell-dogs, fighting with a bear beast; they had three heads on them. She had killed a few in the past by stoning them to death by surprise, but this was not going to happen now, there were too many of them.
Close by a lake, she called ‘Beast Lake,’ she encountered these dogs battling it out with a hung 20-foot mother bear trying to protect her five foot cub. The creek was full of water, indicating precious space fish available for whomever could secure the rights to that little section, she watched in amazement as the giant bear tossed the hell dogs about, so Siren had told me with a glaring voice.

Said Siren with a quivering voice, “She had previous experience with these deadly dogs, and I with those deadly rats on SSARG, in both cases they seem to have had a high intelligence for their kind, and the hell dogs had tricks to corner the bear. Now She has a blood spotted hide, I could see it from the bushes I stood behind…I expected the giant bear to fall to its death at any moment, but its mother instinct would not let it, while the cub was in danger, again as in my old days, I found myself wanting to rise to the rescue, as I jumped into the battle, it stirred the dogs from the bear to me. The dogs sprung up at me, and with my stone chiseled knife I ripped the guts open of three, cut the throat of the forth one, and he went down crawling on the ground like a worm. Then the giant bear got back into its murderous mode, and with its powerful arms and claws, it disemboweled the five other dogs, killed one at a time quicker than you could make a 360-degree turn.”

Chapter 14
Bear Beast Battle

“All the hell-dogs stiffened convulsively and lay dead a small distance from the lake. The bear-beasts grabbed its cub, looked at me, troubled, confused, but felt no threat from me, nor I of her for some reason we were not rivals for the moment. The bear’s claws had torn into the flesh of all five dogs, their fangs torn out of their heads, their bellies opened and their insides poured out onto the ground in a wide pool of blood.
“I built a fire as the cub and her mother ate the five dogs, and I was allowed to tare some of the meat off the bones as well, of course mine I cooked, and theirs well, they ate raw.
“I had no more stamina, I had to rest for three days thereafter that enduring battle, and the young mother stood by as if to insure no one harmed me, or her cub. She knew I was weakened, and perhaps knew who I was, and was surprised I was weakened. She was bulky, hairy and a giant taller than I, and more savage in appearance than the ones I’ve seen so many years ago.
“On the forth day, I saw twenty more hairy brut bears running towards our camp, as if they had gotten some radar signal from mother bear, whom was in trouble. With a great snarl, the bear-beasts coming at me, stood down, as they stood by their mate, checking her out, hissing over her and the cub. And they obeyed her every intention.”

Chapter 15
The Kongardog Plains

“As I walked down the along side the side of the lake, and then the river that connected to it, Big bear and Junior Bear, as I got to calling them, I noticed in may places, the birds were of many colors, shapes, hues. They almost few silently, had it not been for the movement of the branch movements when they leaped. Some then world perch on large rocks, some gave out weird cries. All kept their distance form the bear and me. A few of the birds reached deep with their beaks to catch a space fish, almost skeletonized, as most are, but very nutritious.
“I walked for days and Mother Bear just followed me, then I shifted westward, and she still followed along, like a duck. There in the plains, I call the Kongardog Plains; I come upon a most curious animal, the pot-bellied dogs, otherwise known as the Kongardog.
“I had heard these animals were helpless to defend themselves (no claws or teeth; only paws and gums) and were great eating, but try to catch one of them, that is a feat in itself. Big Bear slapped one in the belly as it ran to get away from Big Bear, and jumped several feet in the air likened to a kangaroo, but when it fell from its leap, we had dinner, the slap was so powerful, it knocked the wind out of the dog, I do believe, and as it tried to catch its breath, Big Bear had already torn off its limps. I think I laughed so hard, Big Bear couldn’t help but grin, and take notice, if not satisfaction.”

Chapter 16
The Plains

“I felt a little safer on the plains—less meat-eaters to contend with. The nights were chilled, but the sun on the plains came out longer perhaps, all of four hours a day. Less greenness, and less water, yes, less everything, but meat eaters, as I said before, were less also, which was a blessing I felt, and search in vain one will for a good habitat.
“I noticed on the tenth-day I was with the Bear, she was eating the rocks, of which had a certain color and design to them, unknown on Planet Toso, Earth or even SSARG. They were all a bit orange looking. As I lay about, I watched the bear conspicuously, if not patiently, she picked out the smallest of the orange rocks, and when she went to chew them, a sap came out of them. A hot and soft sap; I then picked up one and put it into my mouth, and pushed down on it slowly, in which I felt safe doing since Big Bear did, then I chewed it, and it busted open, sweet as honey it was, thus, this was how the bears survived in crossing the plains, when they did.”

Chapter 17
Orion’s Moon/Homeless

Siren had drifted for months on the plains, it was more peaceful and the two bears, the cub and Big Bear followed her, homeless they all seemed to be. At night they’d look up at Orion, as they called it, the only moon the planet had, darkness gloomed around it, it seemed, except for its occasional light, reflections from a star (or sun) perhaps in their solar system, or beyond. The moon on its surface was perhaps as mysterious on it as it looked, and it looked more like a big asteroid than a moon. But nonetheless, it gave light as if the sun hid behind it halfway, even during its best exposure.
It was going to be a long life, Siren figured, if she didn’t come up with a plan for it, or perhaps a short one. She had built a city fortress on SSARG, but she didn’t have the energy, help, or motivation to do that here. Her daughter was someplace in the universe, and her mother likewise, in some unknown spot. Planet SSARG’s moon perhaps, she had friends there, and life supporting elements for a ghost of her kind. So she was alone, Tangor and Rognat, her one-time space companions, were both gone other places in the Universe equally.

End Chapter [part of #17]

Tangor’s Report of Sirens Death

I talked to Siren before I had discovered her death, and as I was told, it happened like this (according to Tangor):

“A heavy chain was wrapped around her like a snake, it was by way of several Jawbone members, as Siren had called them. They had found her with her friend, Big Bear and her cub; they, the seven Jawbones, took huge blocks of stone and hurled them onto the three, killing the cub and knocking unconscious Big Bear. That is when they chained her, with those strange looped chains. When she awoke her head was throbbing of course, she had not been killed yet. A rock had grazed her head only, and her recuperative powers brought her back to full life.
The missile or rock, inflicted, caused a scalp would, but infected it was. As they carried her back to their village, hundreds of miles, she died on the way. So simply a death for such a hero, it is hard to digest. I would guess the long walk, the shackles, the wound, dehydration, the infection, and the cold, it all played a part in her death. And the Leopard men spoke with primitive resentment towards me, snarling, but my weapons froze them in their tracks, with fear, thus, when I killed three of them, simply by pulling the trigger, of my space gun, I evaporated them in front of there own kind, this provoked no more wishful thinking of overpowering me. And there is really no more to say, on the matter, I’m sorry.

Note: History of the story: originally started at the café, El Parquetito’s in Lima, Peru, on 6/28/2006, done in chapter form, in the first and third persons, as it changes from chapter to chapter, or can, so it originally was constructed to do. Chapters 12 to through 14 written and constructed 7/3/2006; Chapter 15 and 16, written July 4, on America’s Independence day, holiday, in Lima, Peru, as well as the end chapter, #17; October, 28,2006, chapter 14 through the end was typed from the written form on the back of the restaurant’s napkins.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Planet Toso Tales [Siren and the Cadaverous Bulls]

Siren the Great
[And the Giant Cadaverous Bulls]
Part IV of: “The Planet Toso Tales”

Two-thousand bulls stood staring at Siren as she was about to ventured from one side of the planet of Aging to the acropolis on the other side where King Toso III had been until he left with Tangor and Rognat to be escorted to the planet Tose (where he was born), from Planet Aging, once King; now the bulls guarded the coast land. And as I have said, are staring at Siren the Great.

When she had awoken after her 4th death [and resurrection: for Moirommalit’s have 100-deaths] on Toso, her daughter had killed her, stabbed her in the heart, Arallets, she had to, lest she leave her mother buried into a tree of cement like substance for eternity on planet Toso. And now she was faced with another atrocity, massacre, butchery to be, the bulls, and there in front of the many bulls, was the king bull she supposed, the biggest of them all, looking down at her as if she was a stone, or worm, but she didn’t move, not yet.

The Great Bulls came forward, as she lay on the sands in a prone, position, they must had been 8000-pounds, with horns some three feet long (perhaps as thick as her thighs); 15-feet height. The leader stood directly in front of her with red glaring bloodshot eyes; she hummed, knowing the slightest movement might disturb them but the hum may tranquillise them, for a moment anyway.

—Siren hurled bits of sand at the beast’s face, which surprised the bull, it was thinking was this part of the sand and about to step the small mound, or was it a worm, and he should then eat it or step on it for fun. But before the bull could put two and two together, Siren stood up; quick like and startled the bull, and the bulls behind the master bull, and the horde got spooked, and agitated and moved restlessly about. She gazed into the bull’s eyes, now staring her almost in the face to face.

The Great Thug

The bull started to widen its eyes, and before he could pull back his head, she flipped through the air like a whip, onto and over his perturbing head, and over the top of his skull, onto his neck, and onto its back, in the process, she tore off two feet of his horn, his right horn, broke it off, snapped it like a branch off a tree; she was now on his shoulders, and the beast was yelping and jumping and running in circles running every which way, as Siren held with one hand onto its loosed hairs.

The bull stomped it hooves into the soft sand, but Siren hung on, and the giant bull got closer and closer to the wild sea, the ocean was but twenty-yards in front of Siren, now the bull was getting careless not looking were he was, he was in the waters, unknowingly, water up to its knees, and the giant waves came in pounding, and went back out with its repetitious tide—and the waters pulled the pulled from underneath, and he lost, the bull lost his balance, and Siren jumped into the water, through its waves, under them and came out on the other side, as the current pulled the giant bull out into the open sea. Immediately, as siren came out of the waters, the bulls stood stone still, as if waiting for their leader to come after her, and it was only Siren they saw, and when they did not see the Master Bull, they bowed, slowly lowering their heads in front of Siren. She was their new leader, it all took placed at the edge of the great sea of the planet Aging.

Written at EP/Lima Peru, 5/11/06

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